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There are many Search Engine Optimisation apps available from both the Apple Store and Google Play. With so many available you have to start to think if any of these actually work.

But there are some good ones:

Podio: Some mention this app in the same sentence as ‘virtual office’ – but is it really? It does include platforms to track sales leads, perspective employees and can schedule meetings etc. Nothing to do Search tho…

Evernote: Stores your notes in the cloud. Pretty simple app – but might save you from missing those important details.

Flipboard: Syncing with other social media platforms this app acts like an industry based magazine as you ‘flip’ through it. Can this help you achieve business goals? Probably not but it is handy to see all social updates in this format.

GoToMeeting: Excellent for SEO’s because you can hold meetings anywhere in the world with this little gem. Of course you’re not really face-to-face but in this industry this app can make it as though you are.

Hub Spot:  Does just about everything you are after – Provides SEO and analytical data, integrates with social media and has additional benefits

Adwords and SEO secrets: This app gives you a more of an insight into the adwords platforms and does include short interviews with some ‘experts’ in the market place.

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WordPress: If you use wordpress – you will use this app. Millions of users and as long as your phone is fast enough you should be good as gold.

SEO Pro: Is it a pro app?  Not really. But it is still one of the best in the business. Tracks Alexia Rank, Yahoo inlinks, and other meta data.

Hootsuite: One of the most used social media apps on the market. This gives you the ability to schedule posts across your social media platforms. It is pretty damn good.

Advanced Marketing Ltd: Transparent SEO Company offering a full range of seo services. One of the best around if you are looking for quality SEO work on your site.

Analytics Pro: Costly investment of about $7, but it does give you straight forward and clear data form Google Analytics. Not a bad investment really – Worth the cash in my mind.

SEO Automatic: I’m always sketchy when talking about SEO being ‘automated’ – especially when you get stung about a ‘tenner’. It is more of a SEO overview which helps you keep track of everything.

For a digital marketing company that are specialists, please do not to touch base with us and we will point you in the right direction.