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IV Poles for Medical Purposes

ivpoles (1)If you have been to the hospital you may have seen an IV pole or an intra-venous pole which is used to administer medicine to patients directly into their veins. These can be portable as well as ceiling bound. The more common types are the portable ones because these are convenient for patients who are on the move within the medical facility. Whether they are taking a stroll or being shifted from one place to another, portable iv poles can help carrying medicine easier.

In case of rooms with low spaces, ceiling IV poles are used in medical facilities as well. However with portable IV poles you have an option of choosing ones with four or five wheels as well. These provide better stability and are also easy to manoeuvre.

These also come with a set number of hooks. Usually two or three in case a greater number of medicines need to be administered to the patient. IV poles can range from 45 to a few inches more or less in height. The poles are usually adjustable and can be adjusted according to the patient’s position, whether they are lying down, standing or on the move.

Things to keep in mind when buying IV Poles

  • When buying an IV pole make sure that you buy your product from a trusted supplier. Always go for products which are designed according to the highest standards. Since IV poles are used to handle serious medical issues like administering medicine, it is important that you purchase the very best.
  • Stainless steel IV poles are the best products in the market. These are solid and durable and can withstand a little extra weight. If a patient needs to be given two or more IVs at the same time, stainless steel IV poles should be your first choice.
  • Look out for poles which have a better stability. Some are fitted with four wheels and some with two. However the ones with extra set of wheels are more stable and easier to maneuver.
  • The height of the pole. Though poles come in a standard size, most of these are designed to be adjustable. The ones which can’t be adjusted might cost less but aren’t always a better option.
  • Also get to know whether the IV poles are foldable or not. When not in use IV poles can take up loads of space. In that case foldable ones are pretty handy
  • If you are thinking of purchasing an IV pole for home use, you need to consider factors like space as well. For people who have smaller rooms, portable IV poles with six wheels might not be a good option. They would take up loads of space. There are few poles with three wheels but again they might not provide the stability of a six wheeler.
  • Always purchase all medical equipment from a registered dealer, in case you might need to get it repaired or exchanged the warranty can help save you from spending a great deal more than what is required.

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